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    Beijia science and technology , the beginning build on 1992 , now have employee more than 50 people , professional and technical personnel more than 10 people. Beijia science and technology owns the high-accuracy automation equipment and the advanced technology of international in the lead.
     BEIJIA quality with quality, reasonable prices and good after-sales service and an increasing number of well-known manufacturers have established a good cooperative relationship.
    The heating system using the German HOTSET, long life, good heating effect; temperature control system used in Taiwan WINMOLD module, Hot Runner-specific integrated circuits assembled into Hot Runner need special temperature control device, which is precise, Properties and stability characteristics.?
    Has a professional after-sales service team to provide customers from the design and installation of the tryout successful one-stop services, From the beginning the company was founded, we will uphold "professional, innovative, realistic, perfect "business philosophy work in the service of all types of plastic mold factory, plastics, electronics and toy factories, and other related manufacturers, Looking to the future, we first win respect for the customer and then win customers, Finally the company won market as the engine of sustainable development.?
     Hot Runner main advantages :
    A¡¢ No material inlet£»B¡¢Widely applicable to all types of engineering plastics£»C¡¢More sophisticated products, quality control easier £»D¡¢Increasing production efficiency; E, reduced injection pressure and reduce stress, and other products.
    Hot Runner main shortcoming£º
    A¡¢Die manufacturing cost increase£»B¡¢Hot Runner system installation more complicated ¡£
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